Wednesday 11 July 2012

Yummy Crickets and Homophobia

Had a lovely swim in Falcon Lake this morning. Is there anything more relaxing and therapeutic than swimming in a beautiful fresh lake? We then tried those salt and vinegar crickets we bought and they tasted a lot like sunflower seeds. They were actually quite delicious - I totally get lizards now. We had a quick round of mini golf and were on or way to Kenora (I won by the way... John owes me a lunch).

We chilled out downtown for a while, and had dinner at a Boston Pizza and then went to a bar to wait for our Couch Surfing host to contact us back. We were quite chaffed today because of the humidity and so we walked in kind of funny. The bartender noticed and asked us why we were walking so strange. He was pretty suspicious and I think he thought we were gay lovers. He was very rude and treated us horribly and with extreme haste. What an ass.

We tried contacting our Couch Surfing host the minute we arrived I'm Kenora but didn't hear from him until around 10:00 pm because he was sleeping off a sickness. At the time we were searching for a place to stay for cheap. We visited a wellness centre and a hostel, but the wellness centre was extremely sketchy and the hostel was at the hospital and was only for sick people. Thankfully our host pulled through. He let us shower at his place, do laundry, and now we're going to bed.

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