Friday 20 July 2012

Scenic Ontario

We started the day very late because it was only to be 90 km. We hung out in Wawa and explored the town before we departed. I bought somebody an awesome black bear slingshot. Somebody else gets a stupid pickle finger thing. I dunno, it seemed cool at the time. Who wants a cool pickle finger thing?

Today had absolutely breathtaking scenery. There were so many gorgeous lake bays. I only really took pictures of a coupe of them and left the best one for my memory (I think it was called Old Woman Bay or something). It reminded me of southern France for some reason (I've never been but probably will next summer).

We were initially going to stay at the Agawa Bay campground but decided it was too much money and lacking in amenities (no hydro or water). We cycled 18 km ahead to a place called the Montreal River which boasted one of my favourite downhill sections yet. We must have been zooming down at about 60 km/hr right into a beautiful sunset. It was perhaps the only time I noticed we were cycling straight west towards the sunset. I feel so lucky to be alive, and so proud to be a Canadian.

I just finished a cigar while locking my eyes on a purple sunset. Every couple seconds, small fish would jump and gulp bugs. Cigars by silent sunset lakes are one of the best things. It's only really beaten by cigar subsets by oceans with old friends or lovers.

I love life.

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