Thursday 26 July 2012

John's Phobia = Suspension Bridge; (-1)(-1)=1

Today was cloudy. Very cloudy. We were certain it would pour. There were dark ominous clouds cramming the skies in every direction for the entire day. Surely it would drown us, we thought, it was only a matter of when.

Nothing came. We arrived in Renfrew at around 4:15 pm as dry as my sense of humour. Since it was too early for dinner, we took our time and visited an old suspension bridge that hung over a river. You should have seen John - he was so scared. I shook and wobbled the bridge with a series of jumps and shifted my weight back and forth. John seized at the knees and he cried out for me to stop. As he coiled up in fetal position on the bridge, I approached, patted his head and assured him it would all be okay. Poor John. He'll never trust me again.

Renfrew's downtown section is actually quite a charming place. We went to a great little sushi restaurant for dinner called Seven Star Sushi. The waitress was enjoying a small meal and reading a book on her e-reader before her shift began. We asked her if she knew of any camping places we could stay at in Renfrew. She told us there was one just outside of town, but that we could camp out in her backyard if we'd like instead. We graciously accepted, and she wrote us out directions to her house. What luck! To top it off, the food was great too. We got all you can eat sushi for around $20 each. Not bad since it was our only real expense for the day. For desert they served us deep fried bananas with chocolate sauce and ice cream. It was scrumptrulescent!

We're at a Tim Hortons right now and about to make way for the waitress' house. I got a coupe beers to enjoy as I watch the movie Speed Racer on my cell phone tonight in the tent. I have no idea why that was the first movie to come to mind when I first considered downloading torrents on my phone. It's not even supposed to be good.

The quote of the day is from John. Nicola texted John about whether or not we fight a lot. John said that we didn't. He thinks that because we're both such jerks that if you multiply two negatives together you get a positive. I think it's a brilliant theory.

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I actually think the bridge story is quite funny!
    Glad to see that you guys are still alive!

    - Adam