Sunday 1 July 2012

Medicine Hat

So we made it 154 km today to Medicine Hat. We woke up really early because we camped and it got really hot fast. At night it sounded extremely windy and I was sure my helmet and  gloves would be blown away but they ended up being fine.

As we cycled today, a couple birds appeared to by flying with us overhead, looking down at us like we were their friends. How nice, I thought, these birds are joining our adventure. Turns out I was wrong. We were just moving targets for them to crap on. Even the conservative birds hate us liberal hippies.

About 50 km outside of Medicine Hat I narrowly avoided running over a snake on the shoulder. I signaled to John to give him warning so he could miss it too but he didn't. It was probably intentional too because John hates mother nature and her crazy snake voodoo bs. Immediately after John intentionally murdered the poor innocent snake he got another flat tire. Mother nature hates John.

As we cycled through the prairies today, I blasted the Spring Awakening album on my headphones. It was a perfect fit for the setting. The Song of Purple Summer is so damned beautiful it's almost silly. If you've never heard of Spring Awakening, check it out on YouTube. It's a fanatic musical.

Sleep now, cycle tomorrow. Rinse, repeat.

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