Monday 30 July 2012


What a short day -67 km to our destination in Laval. We took a ferry across the Ottawa river, and cycled along that until we reached destination. Actually our hosts accidentally told us that their address was 13 Unnamed St when it was really 131 Unnamed St. The lady who answered the door at 13 seemed rather confused about us asking for Mark and Andrew. We were equally confused about them not living at that address.

Fortunately it was all sorted out and Mark and Andrew ended up being a really cute and hilarious couple. The stereotype about gay people being wickedly funny and entertaining holds true, I must say. They cooked us a lovely chicken dinner and treated us to their beer keg which they had just gotten a couple days ago for a party they are hosting this weekend. I can't remember the name of the beer but it was probably my forth favourite so far. I'll post it tomorrow if I remember. It's from Quebec and only available here I think.

Before we got on the ferry we stopped in a small town called Hudson (I believe the name was) and we each bought almond croissants. They aren't your typical fluffy croissants but were obscenely delicious nevertheless. Eat them if ever you find them.

Now I shall sleep. The end is so close and so far. I almost don't want this trip to end.

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