Monday 23 July 2012

I Don't Know Why I'm Posting This

This story/poem is really old and made me chuckle silently to myself... And yes I already know fastly isn't a real word. Sometimes fake errors just work. Enjoy?:

Moo Said the Cow
By Matti Cowan


Benji the Cow was a regular Cow, with black and white spots.

Benji loved to graze the meadows with his friends the sheep and the pig.

Benji lived a simple life, eating grass and watching sunsets. He had only one real life goal: to be the best moo Cow in all the world.

Benji simply loved to moo...


Benji moo'd louder than most cows he knew,
He'd also moo softer than both me and you!

"Mooooo..." said the Cow, he didn't know how!

He'd moo with a laugh, moo with a giggle,
He'd moo upside down, and his belly would jiggle.

"Mooooo!" laughed the Cow, he didn't know how!

Sometimes he'd moo for ten hours straight
And wake up the neighbours - it made them irate.

"Mooooo!" taunted the Cow, he didn't know how!

On beautiful nights he'd moo with the horse,
Who'd moo with the sheep, and the piglets of course!

"Mooooo!" said the Cow, he didn't know how!

One fateful night he moo'd near a road
His moo was so loud that it woke up the toad!

"Mooooo!" said the Cow, he didn't know how!

The toad who was startled croaked out in fear
It frightened poor Benji and all who were near

"Mooooo!" screamed the Cow, he didn't know how!

The farmer had heard him and thought his moo ghastly
So onto the truck he was loaded quite fastly

In the dark abattoir Benji's wish had come true:
His last moo was loud and the whole town now knew...

Yes, famous he was, but not for his mooing
It was Benji's lean meat that was famous for stewing

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