Sunday 22 July 2012

Blind River

After a great little breakfast of blueberry pancakes and blueberry syrup with Cayla and David, we cycled to Blind River. Cayla made a generous donation to our charity, which we really appreciated. Thanks Cayla, hope you're reading!

Today was a very easy day. Again, there isn't much to say. We ate a 2L tub of Farquar's cookies and cream ice cream. It's an absolutely exceptional ice cream made on Manitoulin Island and only available in the surrounding cities and towns. It's ours. You can't have any.

As we gobbled down the ice cream at a Subway restaurant, it suddenly dawned on me how ridiculous it must appear to people who don't realize that were cycling 8 hours a day. I feel quite gluttonous.

Alanis Morissette played from my smart phone today and it reminded me of my buddy Kailen. When we were kiss we used to play an obscure Jurassic Park game on my old Windows desktop while listening to the album Jagged Little Pill. It's cool how various artists and albums remind you of certain people at certain times in your life.

I wasn't kidding about it being an uneventful day. Please keep reading and spread the word by sharing links to this blog and/or to our donation page on Facebook or Twitter (or just word of mouth). It would be very helpful and much appreciated!

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