Wednesday 30 May 2012

Midnight Cycling

John and I had a pretty great midnight cycling trek last night. Our destination: Fran's Restaurant on College and Yonge.

John ordered pancakes, and I ordered the Energy Breakfast (or something along those lines). It consisted of home fries, topped with a croissant, topped with ham, eggs, and cheese. It was pretty good, but the price was moderately steep for a breakfast. It was about $13.50 with tax and tip, and this didn't include a beverage. 

The roads were quiet, and devoid of cars which ensured  we made great time. It only took an hour and fifteen to get there, and an hour and fifteen to get back. There's an eerie beauty cycling on streets that are normally saturated with cars and trucks.

We also came across this tattoo parlor:

All it needs is an arrow pointing to my head.

The evening's entertainment was provided by the ramblings of debaucherous drunkard idiots who had real knacks for observational... comments? It wasn't humour - it was sincere wisdom. The quote of the night was, "Your back tire is spinning forwards!" ... as I cycled by this man, I felt enlightened.

The other drunk man exclaimed quite proudly, "Biking is good for you!" as we shared a stop light.