Saturday 21 July 2012

It's the Soo

Sault Ste Marie is a silly place... Mainly because it has silly spelling and silly roads that are all one way. Silly Sault Ste. Marie - when will you ever learn!?

Today was a remarkably easy day, but last night was a remarkably horrible night. It was sweltering hot in our tent, and so we removed the outer layer of the tent (the one that protects against the rain). It cooled us down a bit, but sure enough a little while later it started to rain and so we had to get up in the pouring rain and put it back on. The night was windy, and the camp ground was right next to the Trans-Canada and so it was really hard to sleep. I may have only gotten four hours.

Fortunately the rain cleared up and we cycled through another sunny day with the wind at our backs and lots of downhill declines. About 40 km in we stopped at this really cool native arts and sculpture place that sold a whole array of souvenirs. It was really fun just to look around and pretend we could afford the stuff. John ended up buying some wild blueberry syrup that we will share with our awesome couch surfing hosts David and Kayla tomorrow morning when we take them out for breakfast. We're all curious as to what it will taste like. My guess is it will taste like blueberries but hey, I could be way off with that. I've also found that most Couch Surfing hosts love to offer delicious beer to us. I will never turn down beer. I can't believe I actually once thought this stuff tasted like skunky gasoline.

David and Kayla were not expecting us today. My bad. I accidentally told them we'd be coming in tomorrow. It wasn't a huge problem - they just had a barbecue to go to in the evening. We opted to see the Dark Knight Rises while they did that. The theatre was only a couple kilometres from the house, so it worked out perfectly. We both really enjoyed it - Tom Hardy is amazing.

I'm really excited to see my family and girlfriend next Friday and Saturday in Ottawa. Hopefully they recognize me. My beard continues to overtake my face and make me look like a serial killer. Don't worry though, I am not a serial killer; I am a cereal killer!:

AHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! HAHAHAHHahahaahAhlsahodahlaloloL! lmao omg wtf bbq!

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  1. Tom Hardy is amazing! I can't wait to see the movie :)