Wednesday 25 July 2012

Bed & Breakfast in Deep River

We cycled 166 km to Deep River today. It was a pretty hilly day of cycling and it was mostly devoid of any signs of civilization. Because there were no signs posted, we had no idea how far we were from our destination until we were basically there.

Amanda made French toast for us this morning, and we left close to noon. When we made it to Deep River it was almost 7:30 pm. Not bad, but not great time.

There was a road sign today that said "Mr. Gas" and as I pointed to it I was like, "Hey John, it's you!" John farts alot and I'm usually downwind when he does.

We looked around town for a motel for a while but none of the four motels had any vacancy. The owners informed us that the town is full of contractors who come up for weeks at a time, and use the motels. Apparently Deep River is involved in nuclear energy or something? I dunno, there was an utterance of nuclear energy at some point. I don't really know how it's involved.

Fortunately we found a charming little Bed & Breakfast just off the Trans-Canada. The owner only charged us $50 after we told her what we were doing. The setup beats the hell out of any motel. It's so freaking cozy and clean. We would have camped, but the script did call for rain tonight.

In other news, JOHN MADE A POST, pigs can fly, and hell has frozen over.

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