Thursday 5 July 2012

Little Mosque on the Prairies

Another day, another blog post - this one from a tent in a campground in Broadview.

We started the day really late, but at least got a good quality sleep in Regina. In the morning, Harwood showed us lots of great stretches for our legs and insisted we massage them regularly. We then went to a cycle shop and John changed his tire, and we bought more tubes before departing.

We stopped in Indian Head for a break and met two sweet ladies lounging outside the visitor centre. They worked there. They asked us where we were going and if it was for a cause and we told them it was for the Sick Kids Foundation and they gave us a nice donation. Fun fact: Indian Head is where they filmed Little Mosque on the Prairies. The ladies were proud to tell us they were extras in the show.

On we cycled and noticed that there were several hitchhikers who seemed hell bent on leaving Saskatchewan. They were everywhere today. Can't say I blame them. I mean, we passed a farm that had "Triple K Acres" written on the barn roof. That's Saskatchewan for you. Actually, eastern Saskatchewan seems way more sketchy than western Saskatchewan. Even the cows seem more suspicious here in eastern Saskatchewan. They really won't stop staring at us as we pass them. I really don't trust them.

We finally made it here to Broadview at around 7:30 pm. It's another ghost town, and almost nothing was open. We fortunately found an Asian owned restaurant just before it closed and had a good, cheap, filling meal. We finished just in time to catch a beautiful sunset. John wept in my arms. It was really uncomfortable for me. He then proceeded to write emo lyrics to an emo song.

Mom what are these yellow flowers?

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