Sunday 29 July 2012

We Are in Quebec! Oh Mon Dieux!

After 17 days of cycling in Ontario we finally made it to Quebec! Man that was a long stretch. I'm so glad to be some place new.

Getting out of Ottawa today was quite a struggle. I kept having to check my Google Maps app every two seconds to find the next road to turn on. We're not allowed on most of the main roads with or bikes here so it's tough to navigate.

We cycled almost 100 km today on a designated cycling trail that led straight to Rigaud. It was actually a pain to cycle on because it was laid with a fine gravel that reduced our pedaling efficiency. There was also nowhere to stop for water along the way and so by the end I was dehydrated. In town I bought a Sprite, and downed it in a matter of seconds.

For dinner we each had a pizza to ourselves. For some reason, after the first slice I really wasn't hungry. That's a first - usually I'm starving after we cycle. I think it was all the water I'd drank to remedy my dehydration, plus the fact that that I was in fact dehydrated that killed my appetite.

We're staying with a lovely lady named Claire tonight. She's done lots of traveling herself and has hitchhiked across several countries including Scotland, Canada, and Germany. She makes me want to do the same. She seems like a very down to earth, compassionate person. Hopefully she isn't mad at John for eating all her ice cream. In his deference it was remarkably good ice cream...

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