Sunday 5 August 2012

They Offered Us Beer by Throwing it at Us

Screw this day, seriously. It may very well have been the toughest yet. If it wasn't the toughest it was definitely the most annoying. Cycling through the Appalachians with 35 km/hr direct headwinds the entire 140 km was brutal. Today was quite tough mentally too. We had to pedal hard DOWN hills. Not cool, Mr. Wind...not cool.

When we were about 30 km from our destination (Florenceville), some punk and his friends passed by us on four wheelers, gave us the finger and attempted to throw beer at us. They then waited at the top of the hill we were climbing so that when we got close, they could stir up a cloud of dust in for us to eat. I didn't really get too angry, but I actually felt very sad for this kid and his drunk friends. New Brunswick, I expected better from you. Nah, actually one aberration doesn't really impact my opinion of the place. Everybody else is really friendly (of course - it's Canada).

Florenceville is the home of McCain and some crazy potato museum we plan on checking out tomorrow. Hopefully it's awesome.

The hotel we're at has a pool. I was really looking forward to a refreshing swim but when I checked it out it looked so depressing I felt as if I'd break into tears if I went in. The floors were heavily cracked and it was very grimy and empty. It was probably filled with the tears of it's victims.

Fredericton here we come! Let's have better conditions tomorrow, please.

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