Friday 10 August 2012

Better late than never!

    Yep, that's right I am finally doing a blog post! Today myself and Matti split up and explored Charlottetown in our own ways. He got up early and went to play golf and the rest of his day is a mystery to me, so I guess you have to read his blog post to find out what he did. 
     I began my day by visiting st.Dunstan's Basilica. It is arguably the most beautiful church in Charlottetown, and the most famous. After st.Dunstan's Basilica I walked around Charlottetown and explored the many cool little shops they have. If you have not been to Charlottetown you would not know how nuts they are about Anne of Green Gables, she is everywhere. They have an Anne of Green Gables store , as well as an Anne of Green Gables chocolate shop and I visited both. At one of the shops I visited I bought lobster flavoured potato chips, but when we ate them they didn't really have any kind of a lobstery taste to them but they were alright.
       Charlottetown is apparently considered the birthplace of confederation( At least they consider it the birthplace) so I decided to go to Founder's hall to get a history lesson on events that lead up to it and what happened after confederation, it was rather informative and probably far more interesting than a round of golf.
       The next " touristy" thing I did, was go on a boat tour of the island. It was great and really showcased the beauty of Charlottetown and P.E.I. I really love all the red. The dirt and the sand is red in P.E.I and is one of the reasons why P.E.I is so great.

       There were a bunch of random facts I learnt today that blew my mind. P.E.I up until about 5 years did not have any cans, they would only have bottles for all their drinks, so P.E.I had drinks that were not normally bottled, in bottles. P.E.I had to make a special request to exporters of those drinks. Raspberry cordial is a famous soda in P.E.I and I learnt that it was mentioned in the Anne of Green Gables book but didn't actually exist when the book was written, it was made by someone after they read the book. There are a lot of Japanese tourists here and the reason why there are so many looking for Anne of Green Gables as if the book was non fictional  is because in Japan they use the book to help students in school learn English. P.E.I is nicknamed Spud island for obvious reasons. Alright , maybe those random facts weren't mind blasting but they were cool...... Well I thought they were cool.  If you disagree go read Matti's blog, he writes far lamer stuff than I do.

      Charlottetown has been arguably my favourite city so far, if not, it is definitely top 5. Stay tuned I will make one more final Blog post before I return home!!!!!

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