Friday 17 August 2012


Alright everyone , this will be my final blog post, and yet only my second post. Today is the first day after cycling across the country , unfortunately Matti had his flight at 4:30 so,he really did not have a chance to do much.

Today started with Matti and myself going Velma's for Toutons, which is a fried bread that is covered in molasses or syrup for breakfast. Mayo , the cool guy we are staying with, said that is one of the foods that Newfoundland is famous for and it was delicious.

Afterwards Matti did who knows what( read his blog post, maybe it fill you in?!), and I cycled to Cape spear which apparently is the most eastern point in Canada, as well as north America. It was just over 15 km away but the path had some big and really steep hills which was a pain, but it was well worth it in the end.

Newfoundland is also famous for their cod, so for lunch I went to their best fish and chips place which is duke of Duckworths. They easily were the best fish and chips I had on this trip, though this is only the 3rd time I have had fish and chips.

Sadly I was suppose to go whale watching but it was canceled because of the weather :(  Instead I went to the Newfoundland and Labrador heritage shop where I got my my souvenir for Newfoundland. In every province I have brought a souvenir back to remind of them. In Newfoundland I got a 50 cent coin from Newfoundland before they were part of Canada, so it says Newfoundland instead of Canada.

This trip has been spectacular, a lot of great times and amazing memories. I know I haven't not posted very much to the blog but if you would like to see pictures or hear some stories, I would be glad to talk to anyone about whatever you're interested in or curious about. I appreciate all the support and encouragement and I will see you when I return.

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