Wednesday 1 August 2012

Quebec City

This is such an awesome city.

For our forth and final consecutive day of couch surfing, we're staying with a very sweet young woman who was kind enough to show us around downtown, and to give us tips about what we could do tomorrow before we leave. The distance is really short, so we can leave a little later if we'd like. My bike keeps getting flats for whatever reason. I'm going to have to investigate the cause tomorrow.

For dinner we went to a delicious restaurant called The Hobbit. I was hoping we'd be served by little people, but there were none to be found (maybe they worked the kitchen). The portions did however seem to be for little people. Alas the food was excellent so we cannot complain much.

After a short walk down Old Quebec so that John could find souvenirs, we made our way to this unique section of highway overpass that served as the stage for a dazzling Cirque du Solei performance. It was quite special and I was amazed that it was completely free. If this is what Cirque du Solei is like for free then I can only imagine how splendiferous a paid show would be. Crazy.

Well, good evening. You win for reading this blog. You win gold.

- John

(just kidding it's Matti, silly)

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