Monday 6 August 2012

Hallucinating Polar Bears

We started the day with a trip to the Potato World museum which actually ended up being pretty cool. Did you know that potatoes originate from Peru and Bolivia and were exported to Europe by explorers in the 1500s? At the end of the tour we had strawberry banana potato smoothies that were pretty good. The fries were even better (but mostly because of their seasoning).

About 20 km after we set out for Fredericton I got yet another freaking flat. We soon discovered that the pump was lost and were at a loss for what to do. Since it was a holiday, no stores were open. John cycled a coupe km into a nearby town for help and fortunately found a cattle farmer named Wayne who drove us to his farm and helped us out. It was ingenious what he did: his pump didn't fit my valve so he cut the top off the plastic protective hat of my valve and somehow connected his pump to that. I was shocked that it worked.

After that we cycled another 25 km and I got ANOTHER flat. With no tubes left and no hand pump, I cussed loudly before calling CAA to see if they could help. There was no other option. Their website said they had a service for cyclists too, but when I called them they told me that they didn't... Okay whatever. They put us in touch with a towing company that finally picked us up and took us about 17 km back to a town called Woodstock. The driver called his friend who works at the cycle shop. It was closed for the holiday, but the owner agreed to open it up to help us out. Awesome. We were so grateful.

So with a new tire and tubes we were on or way. I'm pretty sure it's been my tire that's been acting up so much, but it's all just speculation. We really have no clue why the tubes keep blowing. Hopefully I'll be fine now.

On we cycled for what felt like an eternity. We cycled those same 17 km over again, and at one point I was so burnt out I actually mistook a rock for a polar bear. I was so confused.

Anyways, when we finally made it to Fredericton it was about 10 pm. It was dark and dangerous because we couldn't see the road. If there was a big rock (which there sometimes are), we'd be screwed if we'd hit it. We're couch surfing yet again with a cool guy named Adam. I'm exhausted and ready for sleep. Sorry for the grammar and flow of this post, I just really don't care tonight.

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