Thursday 2 August 2012

Moo Moo Montmagny

Yo yo, check it check it...

We is in Montmagny today and it be trippin fo real, yo. Like, John be so fly and like, I be so happy to be here.

...sorry. Enough of that...

We started the day of by rolling our bikes up to the Old Quebec area because my tire was flat and we need to get it checked out. I've had several flats in the past couple weeks and up until today it was a mystery as to why. As we explored downtown Quebec a little further the guy from the bike shoppe determined that there was a tiny piece of glass hidden in the tire.

John for some reason wanted a coin that reflected the spirit of Quebec somehow, and so we spent much of the early afternoon bouncing from store to store trying to find one. Nobody had any, except for a cigar store that sold an official coin set that commemorated the 400th anniversary of Quebec. It was something like $40 for about $5 worth of coins and John opted to not but them. Good call.

Quebec has an interesting law where you can only buy tobacco if the bill adds up to $10 before tax. It's meant to discourage smoking - especially amongst youngsters who may not have much money to burn. Heck, it discouraged me out of a purchase because I only wanted a single cheap cigar. I don't know what I think of this law...

After retrieving my fixed bike, we cycled down to the ferry and rode it to the other side of the river. We then cycled about 65 km (if that) to Montmagny. The ride today was definitely on my list of top five most scenic days so far. We were right by the river for most of the day, and were pretty high up. The weather was beautiful, and the Appalachian mountains rose steadily higher on the other side. At the foot of the mountains were fields of golden wheat with little red barns plastered throughout. No pictures, only memories.

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