Thursday 9 August 2012

Cows Creamery Tour

We took a tour of Cows Creamery today in PEI which according to Reader's Digest has Canada's best ice cream (they weren't shy about emphasizing this point). They have locations all over the country including Niagra on the Lake, Banff, and Halifax, but are based here in PEI. The tour itself was mediocre because they weren't actually making ice cream at the time. They showed us factory videos instead. Each moovie was full of really awful puns. I'm not milking this, they were udderly terrible. That being said, the ice cream truly is remarkably rich and delicious.

John and I then split up and explored Charlottetown individually. I met a couple cyclists who were also doing the cross Canada thing. They told me that they started May 17th - a whole month before us! They've been taking their time and really exploring each place they go. It makes me wish we had more time and money to spare so that we could do the same. When I cycle the United Kingdom next summer, I'll be sure to take my sweet time.

Tonight we're staying with a gent named Steve. We really didn't think we'd have a place to stay tonight until late in the morning when Steve responded affirmatively. There were many Couch Surfing hosts in PEI but I guess they were all booked up because nobody responded to our plea. PEI is absolutely full of tourists this time of year, so they were probably all hosting surfers already. We're so lucky that Steve responded - he actually had plans to go to Halifax this weekend but they fell through. Unlucky Steve; lucky us. 

Tomorrow I'm golfing at this place called Crowbush which is one of the top courses in Canada. I'm extremely excited, but also sad that I have to cycle 40 km just to get there. Since I'm a single, I'll probably be paired with a group of really good players who planned their entire vacation around this golfing destination. My suckiness will probably ruin their vacation, but I really can't care - look at the beauty:

I wanted to go kayaking today but nobody in Charlottetown rents kayaks. Weird. Maybe tomorrow I'll find a place near the golf course where I can splurge even more money to go kayaking before I cycle back to Charlottetown. 

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