Saturday 11 August 2012

Nova Scotia and Where's Matti?

We are so close now. I'm back in less than a week, and we only have five more days left of cycling. This is nuts!

We started the day by cycling 60 km to the ferry port at Woods Island PEI. We rode the ferry for about an hour and a half to Pictou (pronounced pict-oh), Nova Scotia and from there cycled to a place called Trenton which is a small town that's home to Canada's first steel mill. ISN'T THAT FASCINATING?!?!!!!!111

The lady whom we're staying with tonight had a late night last night so because we got here rather late, went to bed soon after we arrived. She showed us to a cool little cabin in the woods with no electricity and... uh... what appears to be blood on sections of the wooden walls? Is it blood? It has to be blood. Oh, em, gee...

Before we got here we had dinner at a restaurant called the Dine and Dash which was incidentally the most tempted I've ever been to dine and dash at a restaurant. To dine and dash at the Dine and Dash seems like it would be a pretty sweet accomplishment. Unfortunately, the waitress was too nice to warrant that, and you know...the whole ethics thing. I am ethical at times. Shh!

It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow, but I'll bet it doesn't.

Where's Matti?!

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  1. He's hiding on the bottom left of the sign!