Tuesday 7 August 2012

Monkeys in Moncton and a Crash and Dehydration and...

Actually no, sorry. No monkeys in Moncton. I just used that headline to grab your attention and it worked. I rock!

Today we cycled around 175 kilometers from Fredericton to Moncton, New Bruinswick. Despite the incessant hills, we cycled pretty fast. At one point, I crashed and landed on my elbow and knee. We were just starting back up from a quick pee break, and I was looking down to check if my zippers were done up properly, and John (who was just in front) hit his breaks. I crashed into the back of his bike and fell pretty hard. My bike made some sad bike sounds for a little while after that, but they eventually went away. Hopefully it doesn`t implode on me in the next coming days. That would be... quantum-physicsy...? I dunno.

On we cycled from there. About 100 km in to the day, we finished off our water. There was nowhere to stop to refill. Just our luck - the one day we really need water there`s nothing. There were no streams, no lakes, no gas stations. We didn`t find water until we were about 25 km from Moncton in a place called Salisbury. When we finally downed some water it was like drinking liquid gold, except not as scaldingly hot and heavy. I had the biggest, most delicious slushy of my life. I then stumbled over to the Subway where I tried a lobster sub. It was yummy. They`re made from 100% real lobster meat (they`d better be, the darn things are expensive!).

Finally we made to Moncton and had some dinner. At a nearby pub I tried my first beer from New Bruinswick which was both extremely bitter (it was an Indian Pale Ale [IPA]) called Picaroons Yippy IPA. GET IT!? I actually love the name. I learned that IPAs are really bitter because when the British were first importing them from India, they hopped it quite strongly. The added hops acted as a preservative so that they could still have good drinkin` back home. Kinda cool. Good beer. Number 5 or so on my list of best Canadian Beers. I bought a six pack for our hosts tonight that was also from a local microbrewery. It is called Pump House Special Old Bitter and is also up there. Mircrobreweries always produce excellent beer.

Tomorrow we`re in freaking PEI. Oh god am I hyped! Golf? Yes please. Better book tomorrow morning!

Kiss me Tamara, I miss you. 


  1. Met your Mom today. She liked wild salmon more than farmed salmon. Better texture, more flavour! She showed up at Geneva park to visit with Anne and Paul. She's told us all about the mudslides and various other adventures. Good luck with your trek!! Beware of Cabot Trail. You will see many moose. Good luck avoiding them!

    1. Hey Ian... Not quite sure who you are but that's pretty cool. Cabot trail sounds really exciting. John and I are pumped. If we see a moose that's a bonus. 100 bonus points if we hit it, right?