Sunday 24 June 2012

I Hate You Revelstoke

It's quite scenic here in Revelstoke, but our circumstances are miserable. We hardly slept last night because we stayed in this weird game room in the hotel that had a lot of traffic. There was a tour bus of talented Asian pianists who didn't notice us sleeping and came early in the morning to hammer on the piano, just like I do when I'm at home and feeling particularly annoying. When I do it it's endearing though, I'm sure. When they did it it was annoying. At least we didn't have to pay for a room.

The workers didn't manage to clear the mudslide until close to 3pm. We thought it would be earlier, and that we'd be able to make it to Golden today but it's apparently a treacherous trail that's about 150 km from here. We wouldn't have been able to make it there until really late. On top of that my knee is hurting quite a bit. Hopefully it's better by tomorrow, I really don't want to push it.

As a result of the mudslides, Revelstoke is full of truckers who can't travel further west until the bridge that was demolished by the rain is repaired. As a result, the hotels had very little vacancy. There was one room available at the Super 8 that was $150. As we left to search for cheaper rooms we bumped into the family that lent us their shower in the creepy old hotel. They got the room we couldn't afford and invited us to stay with them for only $25. These people are so freaking kind and helpful.

Almost cleared

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