Friday 29 June 2012

Chopped Into Pieces

Calgary is actually a pretty beautiful city with neat little shoppes and friendly people. Mike and Kelly told us that the city's major is a Muslim closet case, which is definitely the last type of mayor you'd expect in a conservative city like Calgary.

John looks a little more homeless every day. His beard gets more and more scraggly with every breath. Check back often for updates on John's homeless beard. I'll brink you all the breaking news on this new member to our cycling team.

As we  drove downtown with mike and his two kids, Oliver and Desmond, we witnessed a car crash. It was almost not worth mentioning... hmm... actually was not worth mentioning. I am sorry.That's just sad.

When we got downtown we visited a cool little cafe, where all the people were sipping fancy lattes and saying cool things like, " too...". There was some skinny hipster chick in the corner pretending to be cool and original as she stared off vacantly into the corner while listening to music on her Apple device and her huge hipster headphones - you know the type. Still, while hipsters annoy me somewhat, it at least felt like home.

Next we made our way to MEC to find the knee warmers that the doctor recommended in Canmore to help with my IT Band soreness. MEC didn't really have any our sizes, so we walked to several other bike shops (including one whose logo Mike designed) and found ones that were priced at $30 each. I asked if he could go any lower, and told him what we were doing and so he gave it to us for just $20 each. Nice guy. I told him I'd mention his store in our blog in return. If ever you're in Calgary and cycling, visit Campione - they'll probably hook you up.

After that we got donuts at a place called Modern Donuts. John and I both got smores donuts and they were absolutely delicious. Lately we've been craving lots of sugar - probably because sugar is high in calories and easily accessible.

We got back and Mike had us sit on our bikes and took pictures of our body positions. He used tape to mark our joints, and anaylzed the angles of our legs and arms in relation to our back position. He was a competitive cyclist who one provincials a few years back, and so he really knows his isht. He used Photoshop to calculate the angles just so, and adjusted our seat height and positioning accordingly. Super helpful guy. It feels a lot better cycling now.

Kelly made us a delicious chicken dinner with a veggie filled pasta. She knows her isht when it comes to cooking. It was delicious. I feel so indebted to this family. They're freaking hospitable and generous. They are my friends. I'm so glad to have met them and will miss them when we leave tomorrow.

Hopefully these winds hold up. They're heading west to east right now, but weren't yesterday. That should make our trip to Vassano really quite easy tomorrow . We changed the schedule slightly - we're going to Vassano instead of Strathmore. We're also no longer going to Brooks.

This is the logo Mike designed for a cycling store. What talent!

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