Tuesday 3 April 2012

Our Bikes! Sick Kids!?

Well, we've got our bikes.

John purchased a 2011 Sirrus Elite a couple months ago, and I purchased a 2012 Sirrus Elite just this past week. They're essentially the same bike, except John's looks way cooler. He's got a sleek, matte, smoky finish and mine's all glossy. Let's trade. Other than that, they're essentially the same: fast, comfortable hybrids that will hopefully require little maintanence on our journey. We still have to purchase and find panniers, repair kits, and other gear (tents), but our biggest and most essential item is now out of the way. Exciting.

2012 Sirrus Elite Hybrid

2011 Sirrus Elite Hybrid

We're purchased hybrids because we figrue they'll hold up better and require less maintenance and because we may have to go off road for portions of the trip. It may simply be faster to go offroad and such cannot really be accomplished with just a road bike.

We're trying to get Sick Kids hospital to officially authoirze us to collect donations for them. We've been playing telephone tag, but I don't anticipate it will be a problem. Hopefully it's all sorted out soon.



  1. Nice bikes Matt. You should consider switching to a road/aero handlebar combo so you can change your hand position during the long haul.

    check these ones

    See you in Tbay!