Monday 16 April 2012

Cycled to Ajax... Wiped out, saw John

Today I cycled approximately 70km along a beautiful waterfront bike trail to Ajax, Ontario and back. The trip took around 3 hours and 45 minutes, which includes all the traffic stops, and accidental detours.

On the way back I faced 50km/hr winds which really slowed me down. John and I have resolved to bike west to each which means the winds will likely be at our backs more often than not. This should save us considerable time. The topography of Canada is also more favourable as there will me more downhill sections than uphill:

It's a no-brainer, really.

Oh, also, today I wiped out pretty bad. As I was coming to a bridge on the trail, I realised I was going a little fast, and I applied the breaks a little too hard as I hit a bump, and flipped over the handrail landing on my head. I really scraped up my shoulder pretty bad:

Luckily I was wearing a helmet, or I'd probably be concussed. Funny thing is that I saw John shortly after I fell and was gaining my composure. As I spoke with him I wasn't sure whether or not I was imagining him, and suffering from a head injury or whether he was real. Pretty sure he was real though. I guess when he reads this he can confirm this encounter.

Finally, I really must give a big thanks to those who have donated money to our Sick Kids Fundraising page. People have been very generous indeed, and I have no doubt we'll reach our $1500 goal. Keep it coming!

- Matti

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